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We are a group of Entrepreneurs. We think together to think bigger. We bring together ideas, people and dreams in one place.

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Who we are

My entrepreneurial history started at the age of 10, in the morning I studied and at recess I sold ice cream that I prepared at home and in the afternoon I helped my father in the trade he always had.

I was always an entrepreneur, I sought my freedom and I always wanted to take higher and higher flights. I discovered then, that nobody is free if they don't have control of their own time. I understood that doing what you love is freedom and loving what you do is happiness.

And above all, I became aware that the limits of my freedom were only in my mind.

Being free is a glorious achievement, interior and exterior, it requires personal development and a lot of courage. I realized that the more I exceeded my limits, the closer I would be to fulfilling my dreams!

And on this journey I learned to never give up because;

Whenever you give up someone gets your prize.

Our story

There are many ways to change your life. Discover the paths that made some of our dreams reach.

Who we are
Max Romitto, Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker. Passionate about innovation and people. At the age of 35, he sold his share in the company in which he was a founding partner, always analyzing market trends, started to invest all his time in New Economy and Connected Economy businesses, in the health, wellness, cosmetics, perfumery and personal hygiene segments, where he developed a team that today continues to grow in 6 countries with the goal of expanding to more than 30 countries in the next 10 years. Now 45, he is an international leader in one of the world's largest direct selling companies with annual sales of approximately $ 2.5 billion. He dedicates much of his time with his family, mainly cultivating an entrepreneurial education with his children, stimulating a lot of creativity, diversity, sales, finances, communication, negotiation and generating results through efforts.

Our mission is to offer people the opportunity to change their lives . We believe that we have a greater role in society - to be a transforming agent in the lives of millions of people, providing a unique opportunity to change their lives. We see in each person a potential entrepreneur and, therefore, we offer all the tools for them to develop professionally. So that they can achieve their personal goals, fulfill their dreams and build a new future for their family. It is this belief that drives us and our true reason for existing.

Developed with solid values


There is no miracle. With honesty, faith and hard work, we have built a path of overcoming and achieved exponential growth.


Leadership is part of our DNA. We believe that it is the leaders that move the world, so we decided to develop them. We seek to reveal talents, motivate and inspire not only our partners, but society.


We welcome everyone with open arms, create true relationships, share ideals and goals, celebrate our success side by side. Because nobody achieves anything alone. Together we are stronger.


We share the desire for something more, the desire to go further. We have the entrepreneurial spirit, restlessness and enthusiasm of those who still have a lot to achieve. For us, all of this is just the beginning.

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